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Bleach is the ultimate anime...

I definitely think Bleach trumps over any other anime. Not only does it include the action and fighting that (I would assume) boys look for in an anime, but also the romance factor which is subtle but undoubtedly there that girls would look for in an anime. Not to mention that the whole idea of it is pretty original and quote from Kubo Tite "something no one has ever seen before." Although most of the anime is serious, it includes many instances of humor that allows the viewer/reader to feel closer to the characters. The main story line is incredible and well thought out. It keeps you literally on the edge of your seat rooting for the side (good or bad) that you want to win. I must admit that the beginning of the series is quite weak and hardly draws in the reader, but it becomes much more interesting when the main plot finally shows up after much build up. Bleach is probably the only anime where I'll ever actually fall in love with characters. It has many complex characters with interesting bonds and histories, which Kubo Tite slowly but steadily weaves into the storyline. What's more important, however; is the fact that, the fact almost all of the characters are somehow tied to one another, and that when something surprising happens, it somehow seems to make sense. Spoiler: (i.e.: Ichigo's dad.) But my favorite aspect of Bleach, is all the parallels that are subtly but sometimes strongly presented in all of its characters. I've listed some examples:

Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia's case
- Ichigo and Rukia both lost someone important to them, which they feel responsible and guilty for, to a hollow. (Ichigo: Ichigo's mom. Rukia: Kaien)
- Both of them are constantly thinking of each other and thinking that they screwed the other over. (Too many instances for an example.)
- Both of them save each other. (Rukia: Gives Ichigo her shinigami powers to save him and his family. Ichigo: Goes to SS and rescues her from execution.)
I'd go on but the list would go on forever.

Hitsugaya Toushiro and Matsumoto Rangiku's case
- The two of them were betrayed by someone important to them. Both of which ended up going to Aizen. (Hitsugaya: Hinamori. Matsumoto: Gin.) Even though Hinamori is still with Soul Society, it's clear where her heart is.
- These important persons are both childhood friends to them.
- It's evident that there is probably something more than a just friend sort of feeling towards these important persons. Even if it is unrequited. (Hitsugaya obviously feels something for Hinamori, whether or be romantic or just a brotherly feeling. Even if she only sees him as a friend. Matsumoto has clearly been in love with Gin ever since she was a child, and Gin probably feels the same way about her.)

Not only does it have great characters, but the quotes from these characters have so much depth and meaning behind their words, that the reader is unconsciously forced to read between the lines. Also, many humorous quotes that will have anyone bent over shaking in laughter. Examples:

"Hold on. So in my mind, this jacked-up, sideways ridiculousness is the normal state?"
-Kurosaki Ichigo

"Let us shine on for as long as we can."
-Hitsugaya Toushiro

"Rukia... was the one that changed my world."
-Kurosaki Ichigo

Finally, you know that horrible empty feeling you get when you finish an episode/chapter and have to wait like a week or month for the next one? Bleach alleviates that by adding an extra little skit at the end of almost all of its episodes/chapters. These are usually known as:

- Shinigami Golden Cup
- Arrancar Encyclopedia
- Omake Chapter

These are usually funny little skits that are basically feel good scenes. I think the effort into drawing that and putting it into the actual anime/manga really puts into perspective of how much Kubo Tite thinks of his fans.

But ultimately, I love Bleach because it includes a little bit of everything for everyone while at the same time, is quite realistic about it.


YAYYYY! I TOOK MY LAST AP TEST TODAY!!!! I'M THROUGHHHHHHHHHH! Now I'm free to work on any projects. ^^

Oh. Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAIDOH KAORU!!! I hope you spend it lovingly with Inui. ^^


Eek Virus D:

Eww... My laptop was attacked by a damned virus today. :[ I tried killing it with my anti-malware program but somehow the stupid virus managed to make it so that I couldn't open or run any files or applications. =[ Needless to say, I ended up having to reformat my laptop (which was an incredibly easy process with the help of Dell's Customer Service hotline) and yup, my scans are now gone. But the bright side is that the virus is also gone. :D Also, I probably won't be able to upload scanlations for a while cause I've got AP tests and such.

But before I forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY OISHI!!! May you spend it lovingly and smutingly with Eiji. ^^

Prince of Tennis Rant #1

You know what I don't understand about PoT? Why the hell is everyone so surprised at Ryoma being a super pro first year tennis player?
Read on or I'll be mad. ;[Collapse )

Doujinshi Scanlations Requests

Hello lovies and all. In honor of upcoming and past birthdays, I will be taking requests on a few Prince of Tennis raw doujinshis that anyone may be wanting to see scanlated. I will pick 4 of the raws that are my favorites and have them scanlated as soon as possible, even though I have AP and CST tests for the next 2 weeks. They'll probably be be-lated birthdays, but that's okay.
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[Doujin] Slave of Love, Prisoner of Love

This is my first self-scanlated doujinshi on this account. Clearly... haha. Anyway its a ToriShishi doujin! Yay!

Slave of Love, Prisoner of Love

Title: Slave of Love, Prisoner of Love
Doujinka: Hina Chidorigoushi
Circle: Depachika
Pairing: Ootori Chotarou X Shishido Ryou
Rating: PG-13 (most likely)
Scanner: vampy18

Here's the download:

Tell me if it dies or something. I'll re-up in a jiff. ^^ Oh and comment if you download. :3 I get lonely and unmotivated without them. D:

Enjoy. :]


Hi lovies. ^^ Umai_Juliet here. Recently I've gotten into Prince of Tennis ALL over again, so I'll be uploading some self-scanlated PoT doujins. I'll be taking some requests to scanlate raws too, after I finish up with all my end of the year exams. Oh lordy, am I swamped. Haha. I'll probably be uploading most of my fanfiction here too, so look forward  to it! ^^ Oh I'll also be ranting about things, people, places, that frustrate or confuse me. :]